We live in a world that is full of competitions. If we don’t update ourselves, we will be left behind quite quickly. There are thousands of books are published every single day and they all are pushed in the marketplace to compete. Without a strategically crafted promotional plan, the chances are remote that a book will gain any visibility in this competitive marketplace.

We perform a number of promotional activities ranging from running a Facebook / Instagram ad campaigns to going for offline media advertisements, we do it all for the promotions of your book.


We start working on a book promotion well before the launch of the book and that makes us always stay ahead of the competition in the marketplace. We do ORM or Online Reputation Management for our authors and their books that will provide them with a strong online presence among others.

This ensures them with greater opportunities. We do everything for our titles that is under our control. and for the things beyond our control, we never hesitate to go an extra mile for sure.