About Us

Blue Hill Publications (officially Blue Hill Publications Pvt Ltd) is an innovative self-publishing company that offers affordable book publishing services to authors all over the world, including India. Founded in 2017 and later registered as a private limited company in India, Blue Hill Publications has rapidly gained a reputation for producing world-class quality books with fast publication times.

One of the key features of Blue Hill Publications is its commitment to transparency and affordability. The company offers a range of packages that authors can select according to their preferences and budget. These packages include a variety of services such as typesetting with revisions, book cover designing with revisions, ISBN number and barcode, certificate of publications, editing services, worldwide distribution of ebook as well as paperback, social media posters, PR activities, author interview, author website, video trailers, book promotions, and more.

Blue Hill Publications has a team of expert and dedicated editors who ensure that book published meets the highest standards of quality. The company has also been associated with prestigious institutions such as IIT Kharagpur, BIT Mesra, Manipal Technologies Ltd, and has participated in events such as the World Book Fair.

With over 500+ titles published and distributed worldwide and more than 50+ titles becoming bestsellers, Blue Hill Publications has helped numerous authors achieve their dreams of publishing their work. The company’s commitment to providing transparent, affordable, and trustworthy services has won it accolades from authors and media outlets alike. It has been featured in several news sites such as Business Standard, ANI, theprint, etc.

Overall, Blue Hill Publications is an excellent choice for authors looking to self-publish their work. The company’s commitment to quality, affordability, and transparency, coupled with its innovative range of services, make it a top choice for authors looking to bring their books to the world.

Blue Hill Publications also provides a range of marketing services to help authors promote their books. These include book reviews, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. The company’s marketing team works closely with authors to develop personalized marketing plans that cater to their unique needs and budget.

Blue Hill Publications also provides additional author copies at a subsidized cost as requested by authors, making it easy for authors to order and sell their books directly to their readers or for distribution. The company’s Panorama author sales dashboard allows authors to track all their book sales in near real-time, helping them to monitor their book’s performance and make informed decisions.

The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in its team of expert editors and designers who work closely with authors to ensure that their books meet the highest standards of quality. The company provides both basic and advanced editing services, allowing authors to choose the level of editing that best suits their needs. The company’s designers create visually appealing book covers that are designed to attract readers and convey the essence of the book.

Overall, Blue Hill Publications is an innovative self-publishing company that provides a range of high-quality publishing services to authors all over the world. The company’s commitment to quality, affordability, and transparency has made it a top choice for authors looking to self-publish their work. With its extensive range of services, dedicated team, and excellent reputation, Blue Hill Publications is an excellent choice for authors looking to bring their books to the world.


Blue Hill Publications was started in 2017 with an intention to make the overall self-publishing process as easier as possible for the authors. The founders of this company come from various technical and literature backgrounds that makes them fit for this industry. They are passionate individuals driven by enthusiasm.


Making book publication opportunities available to everyone regardless of their socio-economic statuses is the only mission of Blue Hill Publications. Blue Hill Publications always strive to make a difference in the society with its initiatives in providing equal opportunities to everyone in the society.


We, at Blue Hill Publications, believe that no talent should be wasted due to lack of available resources. Saving authors from the pain of complex publishing is the vision we operate with. We don’t mind going an extra mile for our authors.


We have strong determination to grow as a multi-national publishing company that one can put their trust in. We want to build a portal where every writer around the globe has something to receive from in terms of opportunities and resources.

A Brief Introduction

Blue Hill Publications is India’s most unique and reliable self-publication platform for budding Authors. Blue Hill is not just another publication house for Authors. It is much more.

How was Blue Hill Publications launched?

Blue Hill Publications was founded in mid 2017 and fully operational since then with a strong vision of facilitating budding authors through the overall publication process.

Blue Hill Publications is managed and run by a group of entrepreneurs that come from different corners of India who share the same goal. “To make the publication process comfortable and swift for budding authors.”

The existing self-publication industry is pretty expensive and competitive and if you are a budding Author, you might have experienced it by now, that’s certain.

Blue Hill Publications is India’s most unique and reliable self-publication platform for budding Authors. We have cut short the huge amount that budding Authors have to pay and made the overall process a lot more easier.

We are determined to offer our authors state-of-the-art services without taking huge money from them. Authors may need to pay a nominal fee of registration but that’s just peanuts for anyone.

What Blue Hill does differently?

Blue Hill offers Authors with world-class publication services. We are a publication house that is founded to support the budding Authors in their writing journey.

State-of-the-art editorial services, marketing and promotions, worldwide distribution, ORM (Online Reputation Management) and many more services are offered by Blue Hill to every Author who gets on board with us.

What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. This is one of the special services that Blue Hill offers to its Authors. This service is not offered anywhere else free of cost. ORM turns Authors into celebrities online. ORM ensures the Authors have a strong online presence and visibility.

ORM includes many services like Author’s visibility at Google searches, strong social media handles, Author’s website and much more like that.

These all are premium services that take thousands of dollars for anyone to receive if they want to do it themselves but at Blue Hill, this is something we do for our Authors at free of cost because we are determined to give our Authors the love and respect they deserve.

Mission & Vision

Blue Hill Publications have just one mission. That’s to facilitate Authors through self-publication process and give Authors the right, love, and respect they deserve.