We understand the power of graphics and visual arts and that is why we have a panel of well qualified and hugely experienced graphic designers to design stunning book covers for your books. The book covers we make, stand out amazingly and creates a great impact on the viewers.

Our designing team is chaired by the chief designer who comes from Sri Lanka and has an experience of more than 10 years in this industry. There are other designers too who works on various projects. Our book covers are loved by everyone everywhere. We are proud to say that.


When we design any book cover, we gave all of our heart and soul to it. We work in tandem with the authors to understand their concepts and requirements at every step of designing. We try to incorporate each and every element suggested by our authors into the book cover to deliver something that will receive love and appreciation from everyone including the author as well.

Unlike others, we never limit the number of revisions that may be required in order to craft the perfect book cover. The best part is the author is never left away during the designing process that makes it even more joyful for both of us.