Bullets from My Valentine by Sharanya Sinha

Bullets from My Valentine by Sharanya Sinha

Hi I am Sharanya, a 19 year old from Patna, Bihar. Post my schooling at The Air force school, Delhi and Delhi Public School, Patna, I joined Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad and I am currently in my first year of study.

I have also interned at places like SARTHI (child’s right NGO), Juvenile Justice Board, Patna and Children Welfare committee, Patna. I hold an International degree in the foreign language that is German.

Sports have always been a passion – I play cricket, volleyball, basketball, football and table tennis. In the past I have played cricket for Cricket academy of Bihar and U13 states in chess. I can also be called as a gym freak as fitness is more likely to be a daily routine for me. Music is closely related to me as I play guitar too. I have been a part of several debates and MUN’S in Delhi.

Slam poetry and storytelling has always been close to my heart and I have been attending various events such as Kafiya milaao and Raahigiri in Delhi.

I have a passion for acting and have done various dramas throughout school and college. I also anchor several events in my school, college and external events. Long story short, I am a person with various interests and ambitions, and my upcoming book is one of the biggest in the list. Friends call me a day dreamer. Despite this, I like to think of myself as a vibrant person who likes to spread happiness and joy wherever he is. There are many things I still want to see, do and experience and there are many more things yet to tick off my bucket list. I like to talk and I like to listen. I like the warm sunrise of the morning and the moonlight on cool nights. I like to feel the music that I listen to as I stand against the wind. With a blank mind, I like looking up at the clouds of the sky. What else?

Of course,  I cannot miss out on delicious food, good books and romantic movies. Most importantly, I want to live and laugh.